New World Game Architecture

New World lives fully in the cloud (AWS)


  1. Those EC2 instances are behind NLB, but why do the instances have to be public if they are behind a public NLB?
  2. Those EC2s are behind Route53 using weighted, latency, or geo route. But why did Amazon Games not leverage AWS ALB/NLB in this case and make the instances private?


  1. 2,500 Players
  2. Around 7,000 A.I Entities
  3. 100,000s Objects

Shared Instance Pool


Data Analytics

Non-Core Gameplay


“This truly a MMORPG game born in the cloud and it would only have been possible to actually run this in the cloud”

Over to you




DevOps & AWS Guru By Day | Dad(Ninja) By Night.

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Bill Hegazy

Bill Hegazy

DevOps & AWS Guru By Day | Dad(Ninja) By Night.

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